‘Why Are Libs So Awful?’ (2017)

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When I wrote this, the big nooze was the attempted assassination of Republican Congressmen by a Bernie Sanders fanatic.

Why Are Libs So Awful?

Today we see Democrats and nooze media trying their utmost to whip up coronavirus panic into a frenzy so they can use it to permanently stampede our country into authoritarian socialism.

By the way, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un didn’t turn up at a major Krazy Kommie event recently, and no one’s seen him lately. I cannot confirm reports that he’s in Adam Schiff’s basement, conferring with top Democrats.

I’ve noticed the libs are scaring a lot of people. Well, good! Maybe in this next election, if people finally get as angry as they ought to be, we can put the Democrat Party out of business once and for all.


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  1. We’re going from a viral outbreak to a people breakout. We are getting angry now. A strong President helps. None of the protesters have been murdered yet.

  2. Representative Dan Crenshaw has a book out “Fortitiude” and was on the Bill Maher Show. Maher tried to blame the virus on Trump, and Crenshaw proceeded to shut Maher’s mouth with logic and putting things in perspective. It was a beautiful sight to behold! Crenshaw may be a future President.

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