‘A Nuisance Call’ (2014)

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With the Great Quarantine choking off our nation’s economy  and driving us crazy in ways too numerous to mention, the robo-callers have stepped up their attacks on our privacy. We must have gotten half a dozen of them yesterday.

A Nuisance Call

Y’know, you’re trying to eat supper and every couple minutes the phone rings again, and it’s always some shyster-bot trying to sell you something. But you still have to get up and answer it, just on the increasingly unlikely chance that it’s important.

Some bold president or governor could be elected King o’ the World if he outlawed unsolicited solicitations.

7 comments on “‘A Nuisance Call’ (2014)

  1. I have to wonder what kind of human would choose to make robo-calling their chosen profession. Honestly, I can’t believe that anyone would pay attention to these calls. Just hang up and no matter what they are offering, don’t respond.

    1. One of the swell jobs I got, upon my graduation from college with a degree that impressed nobody, was to make phone solicitations for Time-Life Books. Talk about futility. But at least we were real–and we had that job because at the time we couldn’t find better ones.

    2. Years ago a church I belonged to did a telephone outreach program we paid professionals to help us with it. We had two different couples visit us as a result but neither came back. I would say our efforts and money were poorly spent.

    3. The percentage of success was always so abysmally low. And have to recite the same sales pitch 100 times a day was a drag.

  2. We have a land phone with an answering machine hooked up to it so we screen our calls. If the caller (or computer) doesn’t speak to the answering machine we know it was a robo-call, or if they do and it is sales or a solicitor for a charity or political group we know not to answer it. It is one of the best investments we ever made!

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