‘Why Don’t They Do What They Say They’re Gonna Do?’ (2016)

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It’s one thing to get stood up for a date. Honk if you think it’s fun being single. But to get stood up for your prescriptions really shouldn’t happen.

Why Don’t They Do What They Say They’re Gonna Do?

Why are so many people so unreliable? How do they get away with it in business? I once knew somebody who arranged for a truck to come to his warehouse for a major pick-up and delivery–and after they loaded up the truck and got there, he said he didn’t want the goods after all.

Put not your trust in princes.

8 comments on “‘Why Don’t They Do What They Say They’re Gonna Do?’ (2016)

  1. More and more, we are seeing this sorry situation. This is the result of a distancing from Scripture, and the total entropy that follows. We can completely trust God to fulfill His Word, but as for humans; nah. When there is no fear of God, there is no integrity.

  2. Actually, I like being single, but I don’t date, so getting stood up is never a problem.

    The prescription thing is irritating, to say the least. Reliability ain’t what it used to be.

  3. A truly successful business will under promise and over deliver. They say the customer determines a company’s success or failure, which makes one wonder about today’s customers. Look how pliant today’s Americans were willing to lock down and stay at home – but would previous generations have been so malleable?

  4. Whiterabbit, thank you so much for your welcoming words, and for your prayers. My son, Eric, is getting better slowly. The medical system really
    damaged his health with dangerous prescriptions and failed surgeries.
    The Lord has been gracious and all the prayers have helped us greatly

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