‘Power Has Driven Him Mad’

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Governors’ over-the-top executive orders may be a new thing in America, but the rest of the world, I am sorry to say, is used to it. Here’s a sample from 1971, from the comedy, Bananas. The new El Presidente is New Jersey’s own Jacopo Morales.

See? Just like Blue State governors today! “From now on underwear must be changed every half-hour…”

Tell me they’re not thinking along those lines.

9 comments on “‘Power Has Driven Him Mad’

  1. As the old, familiar saying goes; power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The more they get, the more they want. It is an addiction that most of us cannot even imagine.

  2. It is certainly high time for a wake up all round. As we read Scripture, we can readily see how God has used different adverse conditions to get His people to return, repent and look to Him for rescue. We are deeply into the time of the need of our repentance.

    1. God has every right to be angry with us. We not only reject Him. We not only follow false prophets; we follow **ridiculous** false prophets. But I pray He will exert His strength on us and, for Jesus’ sake and His own great name’s sake, drag us kicking and screaming away from self-destruction.

  3. The trouble with tyranny is that even though more and more people object to it, by its very nature it can dispose of the objectors. By the time most people have learned the lesson about why they should have resisted the tyranny from the beginning, it’s too late.

    1. But here’s another aspect of tyranny, as stated by Plutarch: tyranny is a nice perch, but there’s no safe way down from it.

  4. Our Governor can be a kind of Rhino at times, but at least he didn’t lock down the state. I used to like Woody Allen films but somewhere along the line he stopped being funny.

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