Git Along, Little… Doggies?

What’s with this goofy dog? Does she expect the cow to chase her? Is she learning how to be a sheepdog? (Heck, if a pig can do it, any dog can!)

I had some quality time with cows when I was little. But then I never thought of trying to tempt them to chase me. Mostly they watched me play with my toys, a listened politely whenever I explained to them what I was doing. Cows are good listeners.

3 comments on “Git Along, Little… Doggies?

  1. When I first moved to Arkansas where my older brother was living, I would go with him to the rodeos that many small towns put on in the summer. At the end of the show a $100 bill would be put on a bull’s horn and anyone who was brave enough could jump into the arena and try to get it. I was in my late 20’s and considered trying it but my better angel won out and I never tried.

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