The ‘Hatchimals’ Fiasco

(Editor’s Note: I am trying to avoid writing about you-know-what. Any suggestions for interesting blog posts will be gratefully received.  –LD)

How did I totally miss this fad, in 2016? Well, if I had still been a liquidator then, I’d’ve been on it like paint.

“Hatchimals” were the red-hot, gotta-have-it Christmas item that year (and what does that tell us about our priorities?), they were just flying out of the toy stores. It was this big plastic egg that was supposed to hatch out a cute toy animal.

Except an awful lot of them simply didn’t work. Might as well try to hatch something out of a softball. And a lot of little kids were disappointed.

Somebody didn’t do their product testing, did they?

As every liquidator knows, stuff like this happens all the time. That’s why warehouses are full of junk to liquidate.

Ought to make you a little careful, shouldn’t it, about relying on Artificial Intelligence programmed by sinners and nincompoops.

7 comments on “The ‘Hatchimals’ Fiasco

  1. We hate to be skeptics and doubters, suspicious of everyone, but these days, it really does not pay to be gullible. There are too many incompetent and lazy people trying to peddle their wares.

    1. Oy! Don’t talk to me about being a kid and having your hopes built up by stupid and deceptive advertising! There’s always been a lot of that. The Genuine Davy Crockett Log Cabin they advertised on TV turned out to be a kind of empty cardboard box with a semblance of logs printed on the outside.

    2. I remember toy ads like that. They could squeeze a lot of anticipation into a 30 second commercial, but rarely did results even approach expectations.

  2. I don’t remember the hatchibles – very interesting. Reminds me of those stuffed animals that talk when you press where it says “Press” and before long they no longer respond. I’ve heard the busiest time for those commercial channels hyping their goods is late in the night when inebriated people call in and use their credit cards, then when the product comes don’t even remember ordering it.

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