Is a Cat’s Tail a Separate Entity?

Some of the world’s most profound philosophers, I forget their names, have pondered this question for centuries: Is the tail an integral part of the cat, or is it some alien entity that somehow attached itself to the south end of a northbound cat?

My cats don’t chase their tails anymore, so my studies of this matter have been… curtailed. (Laughs hysterically.)

What do you think the preponderance of the evidence suggests?

One comment on “Is a Cat’s Tail a Separate Entity?”

  1. It seems to vary. I’ve seen cats that couldn’t resist chasing their tails, and others that never did. I think that it’s a stage which is outgrown, for many cats.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the music. Whoever was playing the bass on that track deserves a pat on the back. That was a very balanced bass line, which added greatly to the song but never dominated it. The synth sound used was irritating, but the bassist saved the day.

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