My Birthday Dinner? DINTY MOORE Beef Stew with Fresh Potatoes & Carrots 20 ...

I was on the phone yesterday morning, and Patty was trying to write up our grocery list–not so easy, these days, when you don’t know from day to day what the supermarket will have on the shelves.

“Oh, what can we have for supper this weekend? Uh, for tomorrow, would you like this can of Dinty Moore stew?”

I looked at her incredulously.

“You mean… canned stew for my birthday dinner? Canned stew?” I mimed a dispirited prisoner picking listlessly at his nutra-loaf. “While you’re at it, how about six of the best across my back?”

She just about died laughing. So did Susan at the other end of the phone line. Poor Patty. Because my present had already come in the mail, days ago, she simply forgot today was my birthday.  I mean, not to pick on Dinty Moore Stew, but I really was expecting something a little more festive.

So we’re going to have Chinese food for supper, because our local Chinese restaurant has re-opened after a month and a half of being closed.

Poor woman laughed for a good fifteen minutes… Well, hey, we needed that.

21 comments on “My Birthday Dinner?

  1. That is a good one, alright. I can just picture it. Makes me almost laugh out loud just reading about it. Have a great day, both of you.

  2. Lee, you really have sit-down restaurants re-opening in NJ? Wow, what a great birthday present! In Ohio, restaurants are still limited to takeout, and too many restaurants aren’t geared for takeout or can’t make a living on nothing but takeout. Restaurants aren’t scheduled to reopen until Phase 3 (don’t you love these “phases,” which really mean “the whim of the Governor”?), and we’re now in Phase 1. I’m afraid a large number of non-chain restaurants won’t be able to re-open at all … assuming the Governor doesn’t change his mind again and decide to put off opening restaurants until a newly created Phase 4, or just bump #3 down the road. None of this is about health. It’s all about control. These people are drunk on power.

    1. Oh well, at least they’re surviving the shutdown. Enjoy your birthday dinner!

    2. Oh no, I posted this cheery note before I read your request for prayers. Yikes! But I’m praying that you’ll be able to have your Chinese takeout after all.

  3. I’m dying for Chinese food and actually put a note on the door of the closed Chinese restaurant around my corner. Maybe i’ll take a walk to the other one…

    1. Well, we’ve just found out we aren’t getting our Chinese food for supper, after all. Maybe I’ll get… nothing.

    2. Ouch! Chinese food’s a hard act to follow. Put some soy sauce on whatever you decide for supper. Maybe a little mirin, oyster sauce, hoisin…. And use a wok – lol.

    3. PS: Sometimes I read too fast. Why “nothing”? EAT, MANGE, MANGEZ. PHAGO. KUU. You need your strength because you lost some blood.

    4. I wound up with spaghetti and white claim sauce.
      Now I’m afraid to go to bed in case I start bleeding again. Keep praying!

    5. Now it’s going on 8:30 p.m. and the bleeding seems to have stopped altogether, thank the Lord. I should be OK tomorrow (pray some more for that!).

  4. Be prepared to wait a while on your order. I ordered take out from Chiles and they said it would be ready in 15 minutes. When I pulled into the pick up section of their lot the place was filled with cars. I waited for an hour for my order. That guy running to the cars with their orders deserved a good tip.

  5. Actually, I like Dinty Moore Beef Stew – NO PRESERVATIVES! Especially after I mix in a can of stewed tomatoes.

    1. I don’t hate it, but I just thought it horribly disappointing, to have my birthday dinner come out of a can.

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