Twitter Will Help You Shut Up

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Twitter plans to introduce a new feature that will warn you off using “harmful language,” so you can censor yourself before they do it for you ( Isn’t that nice of them?

Sometimes, explains a Twitter executive, “when things get heated, you may say things you don’t mean.” Uh-huh. “We’re trying to encourage people to rethink their behavior.”

Who do these people think they are? Do they have any idea, any dim little ghost of an idea, what pompous self-important schmendricks they are? What little tinpot fascists they are? They’re gonna save us from ourselves, by cracky!

No! Go away! Out, damned spot!

We need saving from those pinheads who want to save us.

3 comments on “Twitter Will Help You Shut Up

  1. Nice to know that someone is always looking over our shoulder and constantly taking notes on what we’re saying. I won’t be surprised if the number of “suggestions” they make to a given person turns out to feed into the kind of “social score” that the Communists use in China to determine who gets to buy things in store, use public transit, and so on. Another way of stamping “666” on our foreheads.

    No, forehead tattoos are sooo pre-modern. Eventually, the information will probably go into the vaccine chips that we’ll all be required to take.

  2. “Harmful language” is absurd. What happened to sticks and stones?? I heard MeWe is the Facebook replacement. Now, we need one for Twitter.

  3. The Big Tech companies have no clothes – they are Left of the Left. May our gov’t rein them in and make it so we can sue them for censoring us – then we can shut them up.

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