Will We Have a Winner Today?

Australia, Curious Quokka With Bicycle On Rottnest Island Stock ...

Well, here I am with another one of those nice bicycles that people leave standing around, obviously they don’t want them–but just try getting Lee to offer a bike as the prize in one of his comment contests.

G’day! I’m Byron the Quokka, we are shooting for 60,000 comments, and all we need is… drum roll, please!…just nine more! We should get there today, unless the viewership for today turns into a total disaster.

Who will post the dramatic 60,000th comment? It could be you! And then you’d win an autographed book.

I trust I’ll be back before long with the announcement of a winner!

13 comments on “Will We Have a Winner Today?

    1. Several of us have been having problems with WordPress comments. And you should see the mess that’s been made of my computer.

  1. Since you mentioned “bicycle” it reminded me to ask, “If Lee still rides”” I remember previous posts about Lee riding to build up leg muscles.

    1. What with lots and lots of bad weather, and assorted health problems, I haven’t gotten many rides in lately. My bicycle rebukes me.

  2. Not much to say for fear of running off at the mouth. I’m on YouTube tracking the stimulus. Just throw this comment into the jar, thank you. PS: Still praying for your health, always.

  3. Yes, praying for your health, and by the way how is that going now?
    Always good to see Byron, for any reason.

    1. And you have won the contest! Yours is Comment No. 60,000. Don’t forget to email me your address (I think I have it already, but might as well be sure).

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