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From the alacrity with which Democrat governors and mayors took to controlling and restricting people, you’d think they’d been waiting for it all their lives. But they have, haven’t they?

They’re whispering behind fans, these days, of mandatory universal vaccination. This engenders some questions. 1. Who in the world would any sane person trust to do this? I mean, really–! 2. What if the vaccine is rushed into production before certain problems can be discovered and solved? 3. Where in heaven’s name does anybody get the authority to do this?  4. Wouldn’t this be a positively peachy-keen way to lay the groundwork for even more controls on people? 5. Are we all mad, that we would even consider such a thing?

How many families are going to discover that they can actually do without college?

Throughout history, the punishment for sedition and treason was usually death. But our Deep State swamp creatures, who conspired and acted to overthrow our president, look like they’re not going to be punished at all–unless you call working as a highly-paid “consultant” to a fake nooze network a punishment.

Why are former government officials allowed to lobby for foreign governments?

You have to be a genuine 100-proof idiot to believe in the perfectibility of man–even with the aid of “artificial intelligence” created by persons whose actual intelligence is highly questionable.

6 comments on “Just a Few Thoughts

    1. Just another reason to never, never again vote for any Democrat. They would absolutely love mandatory vaccinations!

    2. I am surprised the #3 Trillion “Heroes Bill” just passed by the House did not include mandatory vaccinations. Some are pushing we all get RF chips in our hands.

  1. Good one, Lee. It isn’t interesting that the things China is saying about our current President and calling him names are the same things the MSM, the Dems’ leadership. and Hollywood Lefties are saying. Conspiracy theories galore are floating around on how Bill Gates, who believes we need to lower the world’s population, is invested in the search for a coronavirus vaccine – so some say the vaccine will contain an element to promote infertility. Say it isn’t so, Bill.

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