A Blast from the Past

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Here’s some fun you missed, if you didn’t have a Cold War childhood in the 1950s and 60s–whose name never would’ve popped into my head if I were living a normal life without The Great Quarantine.

Mikhail Suslov.

He was a long-time functionary of the Soviet Union’s ruling Communist Party. In fact, he was the official and bona fide Chief Idealogue of the Party. How’s that for a B.S. job? He probably would’ve made a respectable mad scientist, but he was a chief idealogue instead. Makes you wonder how all the other countries ever got by without one.

If he were still around today, and able to get out of Russia, he’d probably be hired as an analyst on CNN.

Dig the glasses. I’ll bet they’re X-ray glasses.

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    1. He somehow survived several Soviet regimes, never got murdered–probably too easy to forget he was even there. Or maybe he was the comic relief.

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