Nooze Media: Creating a Mood

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As Mika Whatsername once said, speaking for her fellow noozies, “Telling people what to think is our job!”

Visiting YouTube yesterday, I was struck by the extraordinarily high number of videos featuring assorted shootings–all over America. Like this weekend America turned into a war zone.

My wife was not taken in. “Shootings happen all the time,” she said. True: neither criminals nor homicidal lunatics bother to obey gun laws. And we have almost 400 million people living here. “Most of the time the nooze doesn’t bother to report them.” Yes: we already know dozens of people are shot in Chicago every weekend. “They’re reporting them now because they want to create a public demand for gun control.”

Hit the nail right on the head! That’s exactly what they’re doing. America disarmed is halfway on its way to becoming the next Australia…which is only a hop, skip, and a jump to becoming Venezuela. A populace disarmed (except for criminals and wackos) is a tyrant’s hot lunch.

The nooze media is weird. Hundreds of nooze outlets all doing the same story at the same time–and from the same point of view. Even the same words! It really does behave like something from the bad old days of the Soviet Union. Well, the USSR is gone, but the Democrat Party’s still here; and that’s practically the same thing.

Psalm 37

This was the psalm, Psalm 37, that came up for me in today’s daily Bible reading: “Fret not thyself because of evildoers.” Did that psalm speak to me? Oh, yeah–loud and clear.

The ungodly just now are running wild, having a grand time as they pursue the destruction of our country.

Their end is destruction in this world–anybody seen the Soviet Union around lately?–and judgment in the next.

Never, never, never, never give in.

A Blast from the Past

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Here’s some fun you missed, if you didn’t have a Cold War childhood in the 1950s and 60s–whose name never would’ve popped into my head if I were living a normal life without The Great Quarantine.

Mikhail Suslov.

He was a long-time functionary of the Soviet Union’s ruling Communist Party. In fact, he was the official and bona fide Chief Idealogue of the Party. How’s that for a B.S. job? He probably would’ve made a respectable mad scientist, but he was a chief idealogue instead. Makes you wonder how all the other countries ever got by without one.

If he were still around today, and able to get out of Russia, he’d probably be hired as an analyst on CNN.

Dig the glasses. I’ll bet they’re X-ray glasses.

My Newswithviews Column, April 2 (‘Red China: How Much Longer?’)

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Oh, those playful communists! Note the knife to the throat.

The Soviet Union cumbered the earth for 70 years, then suddenly fell to pieces. No one misses it but The New York Times.

Could the same thing be about to happen to the communist regime in China?

Red China: How Much Longer?

Granted, this is a fallen world inhabited by sinners. There are going to be problems with anything we do. But communism is way below even this world’s standards, and people only put up with it because they’re afraid their commie government will kill them if they don’t. I wonder if that’s what Western liberals like about it.


‘It Takes a Collective to Raise Your Child’ (2013)

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Don’t you wish I were just making this up? I do!

Please don’t think these people have gone away, just because we’ve got Donald Trump in the White House.

They still want to puree our civilization.

It Takes a Collective to Raise Your Child!

One of the things Far Left Crazy has been trying to do for the last hundred years is wipe out the family and replace it with God knows what. The Soviet Union has fallen, and Red China is more fascist than communist–but American commies are still on board the program.

We are never more than one election away from them taking over for good.

Have They Really Changed Our Morals?

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I saw something on video last night that troubles me.

We were watching a BBC crime drama, fairly new, Shetland; and into the middle of the story, for no reason that had anything to do with the plot, the writers dropped a “gay relationship” between two young men.

And of course, when this came to light, every freakin’ character in the play was totally cool with it, and the one kid’s father abjectly apologized for not being AOK with this and had to promise his full support from then on–having to earn his son’s approval, don’t you know. Even the lad’s grandparents–who now know they won’t be having any great-grandchildren–are just thrilled to learn their grandson has a boyfriend. They practically turn cartwheels over it.

Excuse me! Can this possibly be true? That right here, during the snap of the fingers that’s my own lifetime, behavior that’s been condemned for thousands of years, by virtually every human society on earth, is now applauded? How did that happen? I mean, okay, I was here, I saw the “gay” activists and their sponsors work day and night for this, tirelessly, fanatically: but still–!

Can it truly be that they succeeded in changing everybody? Damnit, the Soviet Union outlawed religion for 70 years, and the commies weren’t shy about persecuting Christians and Jews. They shut down churches, arrested the clergy, and indoctrinated several generations into atheism–complete with youth camps. Young Pioneers! Komsomol!

And today there is no more Soviet Union, but the Russian Orthodox Church is stronger than ever.

So is it true that a bunch of “gays” succeeded where the coercive might of the Soviet Union failed?

Is it true–or is what we’re seeing only wishful thinking, and subtle messaging, by more “gay allies” among the entertainment media?

If they really, truly have won universal approval of homosexuality, then why do they have to keep running to the courts to get their agenda shoved down our throats? Why is it necessary to hunt down the last Christian baker in a city and try to force him to create a “gay wedding” cake? Why should they even care, or even notice, that a few dozen people still aren’t with the program?

I don’t accept what I’m seeing on the screen as reality. Okay, sure, liberals, Democrats, moral anarchists–they’re on the bandwagon, they don’t have to be coerced. But those are not normal people! If they are, then “normal” has indeed fallen upon hard times.

I think our little playmates in the media are trying to hypnotize us.

And worst of all, most damnable and blameworthy of all, is the way “liberal” churches, seminaries, and individual clergy have rejected God’s word and taken their own words into their mouths as a voice of lying prophecy, attempting to deceive the Biblically illiterate. They themselves are probably strangers to the Bible. They run as fast as they can to keep up with the “Gay is Good” campaign. That their phony “churches” are hemorrhaging membership does not seem to concern them.

But then if the media were telling the truth about the state of our civilization’s morality today… those churches wouldn’t be losing all those members, would they?

Rebels Without a Clue

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“No borders, no countries”–we’ve been seeing a lot of this lately. And it’s total rubbish.

Why don’t they want borders? Why don’t they want countries? They think it will make them free, and from then on, life will be just beautiful.

It’s amazing what you can believe in, when you have no grasp of human nature.

Just for a moment, try to imagine a world in which there really are no national borders because there are no countries anymore. Such a world, maybe, would have no governments. Oops. No more food stamps. No more federal grants to education. No more a lot of things.

But maybe, instead of having no government, the borderless world would have one great big gigantic government that governs everything and everybody! Wouldn’t that be nice? A satanic parody of Christ’s Kingdom on the earth. It wouldn’t last a minute without dictatorial powers, ruthlessly employed.

And so, instead of freedom, you would have the Soviet Union on steroids. Some of those “no borders” ninnies will be disappointed. Just think–a government big and powerful enough to rule the whole world!

I mean, really–have these people thought this thing through? (Hint: no.)

G.K. Chesterton was right on the money when he said that once you stop believing in God, you don’t believe in nothing: you’ll believe in anything.

A Sobering Lesson from History

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Medallion of Emperor Heraclius and his son

In 610 A.D. a man named Heraclius become Emperor of Rome (they were still calling it the Roman Empire, but we remember it as the Byzantine Empire). He inherited an empire in crisis: barbarians pouring in from the north and west, and an aggressive Persian Empire gobbling up Roman territory in the south. The empire’s finances were in disorder, the army was demoralized, and religious controversies brewed chaos on the home front.

By strenuous military and domestic efforts, Heraclius restored stability. In 624 he finally forced the Persians to sue for peace, regained all the lost territories, and a war that had gone on for some 400 years ended in a total Roman victory.

Finally it was time to rest. The treasury was replenished, all the empire’s enemies had been thoroughly defeated, and it seemed as if a new day had dawned. History, for all practical purposes, was over. There was no one left to fight. The people celebrated, and Heraclius struck commemorative gold coins and medallions to seal his victories.

But he lived to see the Arabs come roaring up from the south under their new banner of Islam, seizing Egypt, Syria, the Holy Land, and sweeping through Asia Minor to mount a siege of Constantinople itself. Heraclius watched from the walls as the Arabs, who had no proper siege equipment, shattered their armies against the city’s defenses. But the lost provinces were lost forever, and from then on the empire would be fighting for its very life against Islam, with the city finally falling to the Turks in 1453.

Does any of this sound familiar?

The point is that history wasn’t over: that with all the old enemies quelled, and no expectation of further trouble, a new and more powerful enemy arose–and history rolled on and on.

When the Soviet Union fell, Western leaders and alleged thinkers proclaimed that now history was really over, the great enemy was no more, and we could all just go back to making money and screwing around with our culture.

Like the Byzantines, our leaders were wrong.

I don’t think they have quite come to terms with that–do you?

Forth of July Is Racist!!!

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Us interllecturals we hate that Forth of July and it shuld ohgt to be banned! Yiu ordinary dum peple yiu shuldnt be aloud to celibate it no more!

Forth of July are not Incluesive! Doo yiu here that??? Wat is the mater whith yuo stopid peple out thare??? Forth of July is racist, and aslo It ful “of” Homo Phobea and Trans Phobea and Climbit Change DeNile! And On top “of” al that Forth of July it not Incluesive it dont inclued everyboddy jist stopid Americkans!

If yiu dum peple wasnt so dum yiu wuld lissen to us Interllecturals “and” do waht Wee tel yuo becose we is so moch Smarter “than” yiu:; but no!!! yuo Has to have yore stopid Forth of July witch is Only abuote racism and cissexism and ableism ETC!

Iff yuo Was Smart “like” us yiu wuld know americka It shuld bee lyke “the” Sovite Union, now thare was a Smart cuountry! That is wear They know How “to” doo evry thing Rihgt! It two bad we Cant jist al Go over thare insted of hear@yiu Can bet Thay dont have no stopid Forth of July in “the” Sovite Union!

Of corse i know ware the Sovite Union is! Its rihgt next To Rusha!

Wel maybbe wehn Hillery she becumes Pressdint she Wil Bollish the Forth of July and we can Have Trans Day or somthing goood “like that”!

Comuneism It Realy Works!

If thares one thing i has learnt hear in collidge, being a interllectural, i has learnt that Comuneism it reely works!

Yiu want prufe? Wel hear is some prufe–Pressadint Obamma, He says it works! Thats al the prufe I need!

But thare is more prufe too. Frinstants, why yiu think al them Chess champoins they was from the Sovite Union in Russha? Yiu got to be super-Smart to be good at Chess. I plaid Chess once and it was reely hard! But the Sovites thay had one champoin after anather!Popoff, Nockoff, and Sodoff, and aslo Pratsky and Platsky and Sopavich and aslo that other guy hoose name i cant spel. Thay was all Worrld Champoins of Chess and that was becose of Comuneism, it reely works!

Now yiu ask Why, how come Comuneism it works so good? Its becose the Comuneistes thay got rid of Religin, expesialy them christins. But than wehn thay let christins come back it al went bad in Russha and that lost thare Comuneism becose of stopid religin and now it dont work anyymore.

But as our Pressadint showed and i wisht He culd be Pressadint forever Comuneism stil works grate in Cubea and thats why Cubea is so grate! And thats why Pressadint Obamma he whent thare and sayed how grate it is! Yiu onely got to take jist one loock at Cubea to see how grate it is.

And yuo wil see when we got Comuneism hear in Ammerica that it wil work jist Grate and thare wil be free Collidge Tution for evryone but them stopid christins.