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If your ex-boyfriend phones you every day, long after you’ve told him, many times, that you don’t want to hear from him again, you can take his butt to court–right? I mean, that’s harassment, isn’t it? Like, it’s stalking!

So how come it’s okay for the same fly-by-night businesses to phone you every single day no matter how often you curse them, razz them, hang up on them, or scream? “This is your final notice…” for the ten thousandth time. “This is an apology call…” “This is an important message…” Yeah, right. That’s why it’s being delivered by a robot?

They call you every day. You’d think, after the thousandth time or so, that it’d dawn on them that you don’t want what they’re selling. But it doesn’t, because it’s not possible for anything to dawn on a robot.

The persons responsible for these calls should be prosecuted for harassment. They should be treated like stalkers, because that’s what they are. And I’m dashed if I can see how they get away with it.

5 comments on “Robo-Harassment

  1. I know. It is one of the many nuisances that cause people to be nervous,
    frustrated and angry. This is another of the great “conveniences” the tech age has brought us. Grrrrrrr

  2. Everyone I know complains about these robo-calls. Many originate outside the country so they can’t be touched. We have an answering machine so screen all our calls. If you want to talk to us you have to say something before we pick up. And if by chance, the scammer actually leaves a message we still don’t pick up if we don’t know them.

  3. At some point, there will have to be an authentication system so that anyone that calls has to be either a recognized caller, enter a PIN code, or be directed straight to voice mail. Another thing that could be done is the use of certificates from a recognized source in order to have ONI (Caller ID) recognized. There are solutions, but no one seems to have the will to implement them.

    1. I wouldn’t object. Find an instance when one of those calls delayed someone from calling 911 or even contributed to the death of someone because their phone was tied up, and throw the book at them.

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