Kindle-Ready: ‘His Mercy Endureth Forever’

His Mercy Endureth Forever (Bell Mountain Book 12) by [Lee Duigon]

My new Bell Mountain book, His Mercy Endureth Forever, is now available from in Kindle format ( Yeesh, look at the size of that link…

It’s on the same page as a “hot fantasy romance.” I am sure I’m better off not knowing any more about that.

The Kindle price is $4.99–the price of a box of chocolate brownies at the Stop & Shop.

Let’s see if I can sell any.

21 comments on “Kindle-Ready: ‘His Mercy Endureth Forever’

    1. Amazon actually advertised my book’s publication this time, so I hope for decent sales figures. And a lot of 5-star customer reviews.

  1. I just finished reading His Mercy Endureth Forever and I really really loved and enjoyed it!! I’m really looking forward to the future sequels!

    Thank you, Mr. Duigon, for writing such an amazing series! I thank the Lord for the Bell Mountain series!

  2. I found this quote by fake First Prester Otvar quite funny!

    “I hope no one has forgotten that we have another problem here, inside our walls – a fake First Prester.” He’s talking about himself! 😆

    1. My favorite villain is Lord Reesh. Lord Chutt comes close second! There are many more villains that I like, for example Ysbott the Snake, Latt Squint-eye, Goryk Gillow, etc.

      But I like the good characters much better!

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