‘Be Thou My Vision’

This one’s for Joshua–favorite hymn, favorite artist–Be Thou My Vision, sung by Fernando Ortega. Haven’t heard from him or Jeremy for two weeks now. I pray they’re all right.

This hymn was first sung before anyone had ever heard of Charlemagne, and it’s still very popular today.

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8 responses to “‘Be Thou My Vision’

  • Lydia Potter

    Very nice.
    I’ve checked in with Josh, but no reply… I really really really hope it’s nothing serious.

  • Joshua

    I’m so sorry for my long absence. I really should have mentioned that I wanted to take a break from social media. I apologize for the worries caused by me. Thank you, Mr. Duigon, for posting Fernando Oretga’s “Be Thou My Vision”! I’m very happy I can chat with you again.

    • leeduigon

      I have to admit that Patty and I were getting really worried for your sake. You guys don’t realize how very well loved you are among this blog community: a couple of readers (who shall be nameless) would adopt you if I let them.

      Readers do disappear from time to time, and usually not on purpose. Usually it’s something to do with computers not working as they should.

      But what with the virus scare and everything, we just can’t help being uneasy when one of our number vanishes. Please don’t be mad at us for making a fuss!

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