Welcome Back, Joshua (and Just a Few Thoughts on Other Things)

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For those of you who haven’t read the comments, our esteemed colleague Joshua has returned to us. It turns out he just felt like taking a break from social media. Dude, that’s all right–but next time, just mention it to somebody. So we don’t have to worry about the corny-virus getting you.

May was cruising along swimmingly until this past week. I don’t know about the virus, but this blog’s curve got flattened, but good. Yesterday was the lowest viewership we’ve had in years. The whole week was pretty poor, and wiped out May’s chance of being our first 12,000-view month.

Thing is, I am totally mystified as to what causes this. If only I knew! Then I could avoid it. Not even Byron the Quokka was able to get this week kick-started. Was it something I said?

I missed the new Father Brown season. In the first episode, the priest gives a wink and a nod to a lesbian relationship; and the second episode, which we turned off some ten minutes into the show, was shaping up to be about your friendly neighborhood abortionist with a heart of gold.

Our problem is not just that we follow false prophets. We also follow insane and stupid prophets and never, ever gain by it. What do we get for turning our culture inside-out to accommodate transgender wackos? Absolutely nothing–and we incur a spiritual pollution, to boot.

Are we capable of learning from our errors? Are we able to hear warnings? Are we able to see it when things go very, very wrong?

Heaven help us if we aren’t.



11 comments on “Welcome Back, Joshua (and Just a Few Thoughts on Other Things)

  1. At least since the 1930s, the Communists believed that the only things standing between them and world domination were the Catholic Church and the Family. I have been watching since the 1950s as the sabotage of both continues, and accelerates. The “New Father Brown Series” is obviously more of the same.

    Don’t forget about the 1100 men they infiltrated into the priesthood in the late 1930s to “destroy the Church from within.” That was recorded in two places that I am aware of. One was in the testimony of a former Communist to the House Committee on Un-American Activities, and the other is in a book written by a nurse in France who cared for one of the 1100 while he was dying from an accident. It was all in his memoirs, which were in his briefcase.

    I am sure the homosexual thing is part of all that.

    Massachusetts Congressman Father Robert Drinan, SJ was probably one of the 1100 infiltrators. A horrific direct quote from him, as he was persuading others in Congress to be pro-abortion, such as Ted Kennedy, was that “If men could get pregnant, abortion would have been a sacrament a long time ago.”

    I confronted him in public more than once. And I sent an audiotape to the then Pope, now St. John Paul II, of Drinan debating Norman Walker, his pro-life opponent (a friend of mine). In the tape, Drinan dismissed abortion and the interest of the Church in it. Six months later he was ordered by Pope JPII to choose between Congress and the priesthood. He left Congress, but then was applauded in the media for being such a good priest, in that he obeyed the Pope!

    The beat goes on.

  2. Welcome back Jeremy.

    With regard to the reduced traffic, here at the site; it may be that people are getting burned out by confinement. I know that I’m tired of it. Too much of even a good thing is too much, and when there’s little to do, I suspect that some folks are getting tired of the online world.

    1. Notice I didn’t post any nooze today. I’m trying to give readers a reason to come here. I’m afraid I haven’t found it yet.

  3. My own absence — at least in the comments section — has been mostly a matter of injury, illness, and death in the family, which I described at length in one comment and don’t want to bore everyone with again. But also, as Unknowable says, there’s a certain torpor that sets in after almost three months of confinement and enforced watching of the collapse of the world. What more can one say? I keep thinking of a line from one of Chesterton’s early poems, about a vision of the descent to Hell. The souls march what seems like forever, and toward the end of the poem a cry goes up: “Is there no steepness in the stairs of Hell?”

    This is what the world today feels like: another step down and then another step down, always seeming that this must be the bottom, as low as we can possibly sink, but…. “Is there no steepness in the stairs of Hell?”

    So we slog, we slog. And it’s hard to come up with clever comments while slogging. Especially — to introduce at least some grim humor — with a swollen and painful foot.

    I should add, however, that the poem is a dream vision, and when the dreamer wakes in the last stanza, the miasma of the nightmare breaks and a ray of daylight comes in. The Light, as we know, shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it. But there’s a lot of darkness right now.

    1. So many people are saying the same things you’ve just said. Confinement is wearing them out. I think it’s waiting for the other shoe to drop–that’s wearing, big-time.

      But you did let me know what was up with you, and I have you in my daily prayers, and what more could we do?

      Like Thucydides, only our best.

    2. I guess now the MSM will blame the riots around the country on the shutdown, which means blame Trump – it is insane. They arrest people for taking communion at church but stand down when rioters and looters burn down a police precinct.

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