Our Own ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Moment

Avoiding the 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' Problem of Software Releases ...

When the magic gets out of hand…

It’s much cheaper to order quality cat food from Chewy than to buy it in the supermarket, and we’ve saved a lot of money, doing so.

But with the country turned all topsy-turvy and nobody knowing what tomorrow might bring, Chewy–a great company, really–took steps to see that their regular customers continued to get their pet food shipped to them. It would all be done automatically.

Kinda like Mickey Mouse’s brooms in Fantasia.

Something went awry somewhere. Suddenly we’re up to our hips in Chewy boxes. Eight-pound bags of cat litter? In a few days, we’ll have 15 of ’em! Crates of 24 cans of cat food? Just try to find someplace to sit down! Fancy Feast? Running out of space on top of the refrigerator.

And that’s before the next shipment comes! Cleaning out our email this morning, Patty discovered “Your order has been shipped.” And I asked, “Where am I supposed to put it?” And what could she do but laugh herself silly?

I mean, we’ve only got two cats. Not twenty. But you can hardly expect Chewy’s computerized system to take note of that. I’m assuming it must be the computers. Human employees would suspect we were crazy and maybe try to find out for sure. The human employees we’ve dealt with at Chewy have always been as nice as could be.

Good grief. What if we had three cats? (He wakes up screaming…)

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    1. We can’t convince ourselves to order groceries four or five days in advance, buying meat and produce sight-unseen.

  1. The same thing has happened to me with litter! Well, not up to my ears, but two boxes in the hall closet, one under the sink in the bathroom, the previous box just used up to set up a fresh litter box, and another one on the way! I’m not really complaining, though. At the beginning of this mess, I almost ran out before the long-delayed first shipment of the lockdown arrived.

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