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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, to inquire–that’s why we call it “The Inquiring Quokka”–what readers want, to keep you coming to this blog.

This is the official blog of Quokka University. Ipso loquitor mannimota! We have already gathered on the Quad–yes, we have a quad now!–to hear Grady the Tongue-Tied Wallaby read us the latest chapter of Oy, Rodney. I refuse to believe that rumor that Lee has been offered money to stop writing Oy, Rodney.

Now, it was our editorial decision to try to do the weekend without nooze, even though there was nooze to write about. Everybody’s saying they’re fed up, worn out, torpid, waiting for the next shoe to drop (and you know it’ll be bad), and losing interest in all sorts of things, including blogs.

So I am here to inquire: what would you readers like to see here, at least for the time being, till things get back to normal. No, not “the new normal!” They can all go fap with that. I’ve got the job of getting the readership pumped up again, so this is my market research. I am the first quokka ever to do market research! I know a tree frog who did some, once, but he has since forgotten all about it.

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  1. I think you are doing fine with your posts. The problem, I think, is that so many people are busy trying to figure out how to get the ordinary things done while things are so “out of whack” every way you turn. Speaking only for myself (a very old, old woman) I have not been feeling well, and have had to lie down for parts of the day, or even falling asleep in my chair. The world is so aggravating these days. TV news trying to sell all the viewers on the view points and instructions of the “elite”, even if they are lies. Just
    tiresome. While I am trying to rest, my inbox gets filled to overflowing with posts, and also moved by some sleight of hand to the wrong section, causing more confusion, log ins to almost everything changed. There, that is my little rant for this morning. Sorry

    1. We, too, are being inundated with email. And everything suddenly seems like a heavy-duty chore that’s hard to get started. We know we’re not the only ones.

  2. Well, Byron, just the appearance of a quokka grabs attention and spurs responses. And I for one always read the thrilling episodes of “Oy, Rodney” and erudite essays by Joe Collidge, even if I don’t always comment. But mostly I enjoy the companionship here — and all of Lee’s musings, but don’t tell him I said so or he’ll get a swelled head and they’ll attribute it to the Wuhan.

    I agree thoroughly about fap to “the new normal,” although I’d be more inclined to say “ptui” rather than “fap.” Normal is normal. The situation today is abnormal by any standard of civilization.

    1. I’m going to start the new “Oy, Rodney” chapter as soon as I can figure out what it’s supposed to be about.

    2. Violet Crepuscular has a different method. First she writes it and then she tries to figure out what it’s supposed to be about. Ms. Crepuscular sometimes seems to have eaten to many toothpaste cookies. 🙂 🙂

  3. I’ve heard those tree frogs have bad memories. Hey, Byron, why don’t you get Lee to review more movies and books? I know I am always interested to learn of good material that is available to watch and read.

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