Exactly the Same Crime… But No Riots

Tony Timpa video shows police laughing as he dies - The Washington ...

From police body camera footage: the death of Tony Timpa

In 2016, in Dallas, a mental patient named Tony Timpa called police for help because he hadn’t had his medication and was afraid of what would happen to him. By the time police arrived, he was pretty far gone. So they held him down, and knelt on his neck… and killed him (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/01/us/tony-timpa-dallas-police-body-cam.html).

When the findings in this case were made public last year, what happened?

Nothing. Certainly not riots coast-to-coast in dozens of major cities. No one cared what had happened to Tony Timpa.

When exactly the same thing happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis a few days ago, the whole country went up in smoke. If the riots don’t stop, the president may find it necessary to call in the military to make them stop.

Why did these two virtually identical death-in-police-custody cases have such vastly different effects on our country?

Is there a psychic in the house?


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