‘Social Distancing’… Forever?

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I don’t know about you, but I thought we already had more “social distancing” than was good for us before the Chinese Communist Death Virus hit us. Did we even know the names of all our neighbors? Did we pass by the same people every day and never say hello? Did we take each other for granted?

Oh, but that was not enough! Other people carry germs! Back off, back off! Come no closer than six feet, please!

Well, hang it all, I want to hug somebody! I want to shake hands. I want to pat somebody on the back. We are human beings, not robots. We are mammals, warm-blooded: from time to time we need a cuddle. I want to bang around with my friends on the basketball court.

Once upon a time they used to quarantine the sick. Now we quarantine the healthy. What sense is that?

Once upon a time we had laws–publicly proposed, publicly debated, openly voted upon by our chosen representatives. Now we get “mandates” handed down by whoever’s king or queen for the day.

It’s time for America to go back to being America.

Please don’t settle for anything but the real thing!

9 comments on “‘Social Distancing’… Forever?

  1. However did the human race survive for thousands of years prior to the advent of vaccines and modern medicine? I’ve read that 42% who have died were either from Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities. This is who really needs to be protect from this virus, but for the rest of us it should be business as usual. I’ve also read that this whole concept of social distancing was inspired in part by a 14 year old high school science project. You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. What has happened in the last few months is unprecedented. I don’t think anyone has ever even attempted something like this in the past.

  3. I remember when people were first recommending “social distancing”, and some suggested saying “physical distancing” instead. When stores were first putting tape on the floors, to mark out 6 ft spaces, the pharmacy my daughter worked at even labelled them with marker as “physical distancing.”

    Sadly, that didn’t catch.

    There is a big difference between physical distancing and social distancing. I think there is a reason we’re being told to “social” distance, rather than maintain “physical” distance. It’s the relationships that are the real target. Just like making mask wearing mandatory, 3 months into the pandemic. People become faceless. Their identities erased. Even their speech become muffled, and the wordless communications of our faces, wiped out.

    This is a psychological attack on our social communities.

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