A Creepy Place

Abandoned Alabama high school revealed in pictures | Daily Mail Online

Does your town have an abandoned high school slowly sliding into total ruin? Probably not, unless you live in a Democrat city where the whole shebang is sinking into oblivion. But in most small towns, the high school is the single most expensive item on the budget and will only be abandoned if a) the whole town fails or b) they build a new high school and haven’t yet figured out what to do with the old one. My town’s old high school, having been replaced, has been torn down to make room for more condos.

We were listening to a scary story the other night, which featured an abandoned high school. I have to admit high school kind of creeped me out even when it was open for business. Something about this story made it easy to imagine myself wandering around the halls of an abandoned high school… and maybe the place wasn’t quite as deserted as I’d thought.

I did get to thinking, “This is the kind of place that Ysbott the Snake would really like. He could make it his hideout. Abandon all hope, ye who enter hear.”

Look at that hallway. Such waste! Those lockers could have been salvaged. Ditto a lot of the electrical components. That’s money that people had to work for, all gone up in smoke.

These abandoned high schools, though, are emblematic of the whole public “education” enterprise. It produces morally empty buildings disguised as graduates. Big and imposing on the outside, but on the inside, nothing there.

Unless Ysbott’s in there, planning crimes.

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  1. What is it about public works that makes people forget that there is value in projects that happened in the past. I’ve seen large arenas built, used, torn down and replaced. It’s like as soon as the new is worn off, all is discarded, as if it had never existed.

    Two of the schools I attended no longer exist. One of these probably wasn’t much of a loss, it was pretty shabby 55 years ago. The other was an idyllic setting at the edge of town and, IMO, deserved better. Maybe replace some obsolete buildings, but obliterating all of it seems a bit much.

    1. Look what they’ve done nationwide with state hospitals. The waste of material cannot be calculated.
      And then, of course, after they’ve let the old school go to rack and ruin until they had to tear it down… they want a brand-new one!

  2. Any school that doesn’t have children in it looks beautiful to me. Resources were wasted to purchase the resources they wasted. No worse than the House congressional budget before the virus coup.

  3. I was watching an old comedy movie where the main characters escape a prison through a tunnel they dug but surface in the grounds of the Los Angeles high school. As they climbed onto solid ground the students opened fire on them, all of them having guns. Funny scene back then but not now.

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