I Have Bummed Myself Out

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They haven’t yet succeeded in corrupting the stars of heaven.

I should be writing nooze just now, but in scanning items to find some I ought to mention here, I succeeded only in flattening my own morale.

Is America really going to be taken over by the same socialist wackos who’ve turned our cities into manure heaps? Are the worst people in the country really going to get voted into power this November? Can it be that none of the bad guys who plotted to overthrow our president is going spend so much as five minutes in jail?

Are we going to wind up with beheadings in the streets?

We have prayed, and will pray, that God will intervene to spare us this: that He will tread down His enemies so that they can’t rise up again. We have prayed that He will equip us for service to Christ’s Kingdom.

But that is an awfully high mountain up in front of us, cloaked in black clouds.

If we believed the nooze, we’d think we were licked already.

But never, never, never, never give in. Never.

12 comments on “I Have Bummed Myself Out

  1. How about a rousing version of “Onward Christian Soldiers”?

    The age of martyrs is never over. I just never thought I’d have to live through one.

    1. Rather than an age of martyrs, what I have in mind is Arthur slaughtering the heathen on the slopes of Mount Badon.

  2. I’m on the same page as you.

    Right now, for my summer school homework, I am writing a few pages on how far away America has strayed from its beginnings. Very sad.

    1. They don’t want us to know our own history. Liberals always hate their own country, but this bunch has taken it to new heights.

  3. I fully agree with all of you, and in spite of my old age and weakness, prayer does not depend on that, so fight on, we much.

  4. Yes, beheadings have already begun, the heads of statues that is. And isn’t it ironic that the statues being torn down of Confederate personalities are all Democrats. If I were a Democrat I would want to hide my racist past also. The only trouble is, the Democrat Party is still the party of racism as they hold back the blacks in the process of using them.

    1. They don’t seem to know much (or care much) about the people whose statues they’re pulling down. In one place — I forget where, but you can probably google it — they pulled down a statue of someone who was a prominent 19C. abolitionist and who worked to educate black children when it was illegal in some places to do so. I guess any statue will do if it’s of a dead white male. Besides, pulling down statues is fun, and The Thing To Do These Days.

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