‘Corrupting the Bible: Galatians 3:28)

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Well, we’re paying for this now, aren’t we?

Corrupting the Bible: Galatians 3:28

All those years of adding to, subtracting from, bending, twisting, and mutilating God’s word, the Holy Bible. Turning it into man’s word and stripping it of its power to save.

Now the wicked bend their bow, the ungodly run wild, fully convinced their time has come and they’re going to take over the country.

At least now they’re out in the open where we can see them–if only we refuse to wear the blindfold.

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  1. As we read through the books of I Samuel and I and II Kings, we can see how futile it is to allow man’s fleshly nature to take over. We better wake up.

  2. Maybe we can all this Blog “The Awake Blog” 🙂 Since the Holy Bible has no copyright, it is very lucrative to come out with a new version. The Jehovah witnesses established their own religion with their version of the Bible.

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