Quokka University: More Progress!

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G’day, Byron the Quokka here. And hooray, hooray for the month of June, Quokka U. will be open soon!

I can hardly believe our good fortune! Late yesterday we received a $12 (!) grant from one of our most beloved celebrities, the immortal Helen Schnitzelbonk of Pie-Eye Nebraska, USA–Helen Schnitzelbonk, who won the hearts of quokkas everywhere with her death-defying ascent–by pogo stick, mind you!–of Mt. Cornucopeia… while it was erupting. True, it was a rather small eruption; but Helen didn’t know that at the time.

Twelve dollars! Think what we can do with that. Of course, it’s twelve dollars in American money, I don’t know what that comes out to in real money, but it’s still more than we had in our whole treasury two days ago. My vote is, we buy a bicycle with it.

So now we are shooting for a September opening of our first semester and trying to beautify our campus here on Rottnest Island (kangaroos leave things lying around that no one should see). I think by then we’ll have two more woven grass dorms finished–and I hope we’ll have selected a mascot by then.

And for now, in the words of our university’s classic Latin motto, “Ipso loquitur mannimota!”

4 comments on “Quokka University: More Progress!

  1. Wow, I am overwhelmed by such great news. Good luck with your ambitious endeavors. (kinda reminds me of some of the happenings here in our country)

  2. Wonderful progress! I’ve always known that quokkas are adorable, but I never realized how efficient they are as well. 🙂

  3. Please send us the university’s address, Byron, so we can send donations also. But please be careful your “progress” does not seduce you into being a progressive school.

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