When Your Republic Fails

This is what you get when your republic fails. Lunatics who think they’re gods, absolutely drunk with power and insatiable for more. Most of them go on to be mass murderers. Who’s to stop them?

This is John Hurt in his unforgettable role as Caligula, the crazy-as-a-bedbug Roman emperor who thought he was a god. From the BBC’s award-winning series, I, Claudius.

Again, learn it well: This is what you get when your republic fails.

3 comments on “When Your Republic Fails

  1. Our “republic” failed LONG before now. It was really dead with Lincoln’s treasonous war in 1861, but it began to die before then as it grew TOO LARGE to be sustained as a republic. Virginia gave away the territory ceded to her that went into the Northwest because Jefferson and other said that they could not retain a republic in Virginia at that size.

  2. It looks to me like Claudius was quite the orator 🙂 The new “nation” of CHAZ in downtown Seattle might be a teaching moment. Who will emerge the authority among that gang of anarchists? Can they make pure socialism work? What becomes the law?

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