Sleepiness Can Be Contagious

The puppy is watching the baby. The baby is sound asleep. Now the puppy has to struggle to stay away. He tries not watching the baby, but the damage is already done. Walking around doesn’t help. The end result cannot be avoided.

Come to think of it, I’ve been to lectures like this.

9 comments on “Sleepiness Can Be Contagious

  1. Boy, do I know the feeling. I could fall asleep in my chair right now, but better not.

  2. Sorry, but it is only 6:15 here, which means it is after 9 where you are. If it were 9 here, I would be headed for bed right now. lol

    1. That baby might be too young to roll over on its own yet. It’s a safety thing, though, not a comfort thing. Babies sleeping on their stomachs are more likely to die from SIDS, so they tell you to always put them to sleep on their backs.

    2. All my babies have had four legs, so I’ll have to defer to you on this one. You don’t have to do hardly anything at all for baby lizards, except feed them.

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