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Once upon a time in the 70s, Roy White of the New York Yankees was in a terrible batting slump. His teammates and his coaches couldn’t get him out of it. At a loss, Roy took to talking to the fans in the stands when he went out to play left field, asking them for advice. Some of it must’ve been good advice, because Roy soon broke out of his slump and finished with a good year.

Sometimes I get tips from my readers–and I welcome it. Naturally I want to put up posts that you want to read. “Whiterabbit” has given me several ideas for Newswithviews columns that I’ve been able to use to good effect. And of course getting advice from the readers means that I actually do have readers–readers who are paying attention and thinking along with me. It’s a great asset and I appreciate it very much.

Well, it’s time to try to write this week’s Newswithviews. I want you all to know that when you offer advice, I listen.

I’ve probably left myself open for some nasty comments by liberals, but I can just delete them. “P*** up a rope” is not helpful.

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