Stick Up for Your Country

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I’ve finished my Newswithviews column on this very subject, and you’ll see it Thursday if all goes well. My thanks to Dave and Phoebe, whose comments helped me along the way.

The time to stick up for our country is now, starting this minute.

Far Left Crazy tells us “White Silence = Violence.” They’re full of schiff, of course, but with one thing I have to agree: no more silence.

No more silence while America is smeared as a racist hell-hole, no more silence while “Black Lives Matter,” a cabal of nasty little Marxists, claims to speak for the entire black community, no more silence while Hollywood and the social media and big fat corporations with more money than brains kneel down to riot and crime–and no more silence as academic pinheads “teach” that all white people are guilty of Everything.

Start now! No more lying abjectly on our backs while Far Left noozies pour their poisonous “narrative” upon our heads! And they can take their 1619 Project and shove it.

No more surrender, no more caving in, no more timorous virtue signalling. We know who the bad guys are and we know what they want.

Let’s give them hell.

6 comments on “Stick Up for Your Country

  1. Amen, brother Lee. Spoken as a true patriot, unapologetic for what our country stands for. So indebted to this blog to keep my sanity during this time of the madness of the crowd.

  2. No one who knows me has ever used the word “silent” to describe me! 🙂 I’ve spoken my mind before — which is why I stopped getting merit pay increases at my university in 1992 despite all my publications and teaching awards — and I won’t stop speaking my mind now. Of course, I’d like to think that although I do speak with a certain amount of (ahem) vigor at times, I do speak logically and with some knowledge of the subject at hand.

    That reminds me…. (Reminiscence coming up.) Many years ago, when I was still in the Air Force, a colonel who was a very dear friend of mine said laughingly that at staff meetings I often sounded “caustic and abrasive.” I said, “Come on, Jimmy, if I were a man you’d say ‘forceful and dynamic.'” He replied with a shrug and a grin, “Yes, definitely. But you’re not a man, so… caustic and abrasive.” And we both laughed our heads off. Please note that I didn’t clutch my pearls — which we weren’t allowed to wear with our uniforms anyway — and throw a fit about systemic sexism. We both recognized the joke, as well as a certain caution that he was giving me, and we remained very dear friends. The “caustic and abrasive” / “forceful and dynamic” back-and-forth even became one of our in-jokes.

    Reminiscence over. You may tune back in now. 🙂

    1. There is a time for caustic and abrasive. I think we’re living in one. Besides, Hillary sez there can’t be no civility until the Dems are back in charge.

  3. That would end it for good; civility, that is. They have no understanding of the word, much less the practice of it.

    1. Civility is when you don’t poke someone in the eye but content yourself with calling him vile names and traducing everything he holds sacred. That’s how Democrats behave when they’re in a good mood.

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