‘White House Wants Your Doctor to Nag You about Global Warming’ (2015)

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Those bleak days of the Obama presidency were the longest eight years I ever saw. And it’ll take a whole generation or more to repair the damage done–if we can ever repair it. The poisons that man injected into America are hatching out today.

Here’s just one of many. Remember?

White House Wants Your Doctor to Nag You about Global Warming

Of course, in 2020 you’re lucky if you can see a doctor at all. Maybe if you claimed COVID-19 broke your finger, you might get some attention. My wife needs to see a doctor and her doctor seems to have taken the noon balloon.

Right now Racism is the Democrats’ poker hand; but they’ve still got Global Warming/Climate Change on the table, ready to use against us at a moment’s notice.

Remember! National perfection can only be achieved by giving unheard-of powers to the most flagrantly imperfect people in the country.

7 comments on “‘White House Wants Your Doctor to Nag You about Global Warming’ (2015)

  1. I’m not so sure seeing your doctor is quite the blessing people think and always have. In the past, there was probably some good that came from that, but from what I have observed in the past 2-3 years, I have had to make some revisions in my thinking on that score. I have a son whose 3 surgeries have pretty much wrecked his body. Several friends have experienced much the same. As for global warming …. who has time for that insanity. Thinking man can affect such things to any great degree always reminds me of Psalm 14.
    Racism…always has and always will go both ways until the Lord returns and straightens out this whole mess. It is a matter of the heart and the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it. as Scripture says.

    1. Well, she needs to know about drug and alcohol interactions with her new medicine–before she takes it!–and can’t trust the Internet to provide it. She has a question for the doctor–but can’t get to speak to the blighter.

  2. Just got a message from a friend, and she just returned from her 4th scheduled appointment with a doc who was to check on her surgery to help her dialysis, and the third time he failed to show up after they had driven for miles to get to the city. Just goes on and on.

  3. Better not claim that COVID-19 broke your finger. If you do, they’ll probably lock you up in quarantine and grill you about all the people you’ve been within 6 feet of in the past two weeks. Then they’d lock up all those contacts — after grilling them about their own contacts and locking those people up, until the entire country is locked up except the CV-19 monitors’ own friends and families and assorted rioters and criminals, who have to be let OUT of lockup because they might catch the Wuhan and besides they have important social looting and pillage to take care of.

    Meanwhile, your finger is still broken. And if you try to protest about the ventilator shoved down your throat even though the problem is in your finger … well, you won’t be able to, because there’s a ventilator shoved down your throat.

    Ain’t life grand under the new leftist dispensation?

  4. I hope at the Presidential Debates Climate Change comes up, and when ProQuoJoe comes out in favor of it, Trump will bring up Obama’s mansion on the beach as an example of how these elites don’t really believe in it because it is a scam.

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