Science Marches On!

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Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “Are there 36 alien civilizations out there?” Disregarding the short answer–“No”–what about all those “new calculations” that indicate there are 36 alien civilizations out there in the universe?

But alas, they’re all way too far away for us to ever get in contact with them.

You’ve got to applaud Science for resolutely marching on toward total irrelevance. In the absence of anything like evidence, the “calculations” don’t even rise to the level of shots in the dark. But of course for people who don’t know the difference between evidence and pure assumptions untainted by any kind of facts, this will not be a problem. Evolution is real so there!

What happened to turn our science into baloney?

Publicly-funded college happened.


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    1. SETI was never much more than wishful thinking.
      It’s hard enough to find intelligent life on earth, let alone in other star systems.

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