Memory Lane: ‘Circus Boy’

Wow! Does this brief intro take me back!

This was among our Saturday morning TV treats from 1958 to 1960–Circus Boy, starring Mickey Dolenz (they called him Braddock then), who years later was famous again as one of the Monkees.

A traveling circus in the Old West–what could be cooler than that? Oh! I forgot! We aren’t allowed to like the circus anymore, and there never was such a place as the Old West.

Anyway, given the format, this show could and did go anywhere. Just about anything could happen. And there’s something about it, something subtle, that brings to mind some of Ray Bradbury’s stories.

Huh? Ray who? What’re you talking about?

I thank God every day for my 1950s childhood. But alas, we who had it didn’t know what we had, and we let it slip through our fingers. God help us, stranded in this lamentable 21st century.

May God equip us to conquer it for Jesus Christ our King.

12 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘Circus Boy’

  1. I too had a 1950s childhood. At that time it was the rare home with children that didn’t have a full-time Mom there. And a Dad who worked hard to support the family. And we all went to Church on Sunday!
    It is so different now – and NOT for the better.

  2. Another brilliant phrase: “stranded in this lamentable 21st century.” Amen to that.

    I had a 1940s childhood and 1950s teen years. Both are now looked down upon as being times of conformity and stultification, but in reality they were vibrant, exciting, and liberating.

    As for this lamentable century … I had more “no justice, no peace” marchers past my building last night. Now they’re using drums and flags — Black Power flags — as well as motorized escorts with all the thugs in the vehicles and the useful idiots marching. This is almost scarier than the actual rioters. Rioters burn out after a while (no pun about arson intended), but regimented and disciplined armies can do a lot more damage with fewer people.

    1. What I don’t understand at all is the multitude of–I guess they’re people–who seem to *want* this schiff. What do they think they’ll get?

  3. Circus Boy. I knew of it, because I knew of Dolenz and what I have read about his pre-simian career. It sure seems a lot more wholesome than what is offered these days.

  4. You show us so many things from the past that I never knew about. I too grew up in the 50’s, but I never had time to watch TV. The only thing I “watched” was late night wrestling with my grandfather on weekends. Then watched was reruns of Bandstand in early 60’s.

    1. We didn’t have a television until about 1960, but I used to watch professional “wrassling” (to distinguish it from real wrestling) at my aunt’s house. My cousins and I thought it was a hoot.

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