Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

Here at Chez Leester, we discourage cats from sleeping in the litter box, it just isn’t done. But as you can see from this video, there are certainly cats who’d do it. They’ll sleep soundly anywhere–who needs a bed, when you’ve got a nice light fixture handy?

People who do this are considered eccentric.

10 comments on “Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

  1. They really are weird sometimes. Sleeping in a rose bush doesn’t seem very comfortable, but I guess it would discourage a dog from attacking. We once had a neighbor who had a dog that would go out of his way to attack any cat any time, anywhere. My cat, at that time, walked 3 miles to my son’s place to get away. Said he wasn’t getting any sleep with the dog around.

    1. You can induce most lizards to sleep by turning them over and rubbing their bellies. Just thought I’d pass that on.

    2. It’s an experience, to be assured. I once held a Caiman that was roughly a foot long. He didn’t seem to appreciate it. 🙂

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