Because They Say So???

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On the radio this morning I heard a discussion along the lines of “Oh, well, we didn’t need those statues, did we?… And it looks like The Star-Spangled Banner has to be kicked to the curb, a lot of people don’t like it…”

What? We erase our history, we turn our culture inside-out, we submit to all kinds of arbitrary changes–because some left-wing losers say so?

No freakin’ way.

Have we no character? Have we no backbone? Are we the same nation that dumped the blanking tea into the harbor because we wouldn’t pay the tax?

When those schmendricks on the left demand that we do something, we should make a point of doing exactly the opposite, saying “No!” as loud and clearly as we can.

What happens when you find a snapping turtle and wag your finger in his face?

Your new nickname is “Stumpy.”

It’s time we got these creeps out of our face. One way or another.



6 comments on “Because They Say So???

  1. How do you enforce your “no” when the mobs are rampaging through your neighborhood and the police have been told to stand down and the politicians you elected to serve the country are looking on and doing nothing or actually appeasing the mobs?

    1. The only way I can think of is to annihilate Democrats in the next election–beat them so badly, they’ll never recover. After all, they’re the ones who sponsor and encourage all this schiff.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you, Lee. Just like the stupid face masks for one small example. My local grocery store has a large sign on both entry doors, saying masks are mandatory. I do not put one on. I go about my shopping as quickly as I can, and get out. I have had two people employed there tell me the masks are required, and I just walk on, ignoring them. So far, I have not been arrested, but if I am, I will still not give in. It is not a big thing, but it is one thing I can do, and I will.

  3. Again, all this madness is happening in Democratic cities and states – the people vote these tyrants into office. I see where in some places instead of playing the Star-Spangled Banner they will be playing “This Land Is Your Land” written by a Socialist. As Dan Bongino says, if you live in a Democratic stronghold, move out pronto and set yourself free.

    1. Some of the lefty loonies have insisted that the new national anthem be “Imagine.” I don’t know why they don’t go directly to the “Internationale” while they’re about it.

    2. Anything but that. Anyone who plays “Imagine” at me has a really good chance of getting punched right in the nose.

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