Last night the viewership was so low, I thought my computer might be broken. This morning it refuses to post hymns. Now I’m trying to see if I can post anything at all.

Do I even dare try a picture?

Image result for images of rhinoceros

Dig it: I can post a picture of a rhinoceros, but not a hymn.

Please bear with me today. I’ll have to try to get the other computer working.

7 comments on “Testing!(again!)

    1. Well, we’ve got this one; and we had some of your comments yesterday–about half a dozen, if I’ve counted correctly. Does that sound about right?

  1. That’s annoying.

    Just so I don’t get into trouble like Josh did 😉 I will be at camp all this week which means I won’t be on WP. Don’t worry about me… I’ll be back next Sunday.

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