‘Ex-Celebrity Tries to Buy 2 Senate Votes’

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A real charmer, eh?

Remember this? Former famous person Rosie O’Donnell publicly offered two senators rather handsome bribes to vote against a tax cut.

Ex-Celebrity Tries to Buy 2 Senate Votes

In fact, it’s a crime to buy the votes of members of Congress. True, it’s done ALL the time–but at least the other crooks have the good taste to launder the money first. They don’t treat it like it’s going to Walmart for potato chips.

So this, er, person, had $2 million each to give two GOP senators if they’d vote against the tax cut. She must’ve really wanted you to pay taxes.

It is too bad left-wing celebrities don’t have any natural enemies. Where are the cane toads when you really need them?

4 comments on “‘Ex-Celebrity Tries to Buy 2 Senate Votes’

  1. One thing that deeply troubles me about our civilization is the near worship we see, of celebrities. Why should fame make someone more influential? Why did she avoid being prosecuted for this? The last I knew, offering bribes for political favors was not exactly legal.

    1. Ro-Zeee just forgot to launder the money first, like everybody else does when they’re buying a politician. And remember Democrat immunity: no matter what you do, you get away with it.

  2. The love of money explains most of the corruption in politics and gov’t. Money is the mother’s milk of politics, as they say. In one of Peter’s epistle’s he say lust is the source of the corruption in the world. It is wise to follow the money to find real motive behind what people do. For instance, some bloggers misrepresent themselves because they are in it for the money – present company excluded 🙂

    1. My salary covers my blogging efforts, among other things. And it’s a good thing, too–we turned the page of the calendar to July and the bottom fell out of my viewership.

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