By Request, ‘May the Peoples Praise You’

This is another worship song by Keith and Kristyn Getty, requested by Susan–May the Peoples Praise You.

I’ve been recycling a lot of my favorite hymns lately, so readers’ hymn requests are much appreciated: they bring in hymns I haven’t heard before. So if you have a hymn request, the ol’ hymn shop’s always open.

7 comments on “By Request, ‘May the Peoples Praise You’

    1. Oh, and I mean the original version, not the squishy update about how nice our ancestors were to everyone and how nice we should also be. Let’s have the martyrdom version, with the “dungeon, fire, and sword” in it, as well as the wish that we, too, should be ready to die for our Faith.

    2. I’d rather that the bad guys die, too. (Shades of Patton!) But if we’re not ready to die, we’re not ready to fight.

    3. Will shall be sterner, heart the bolder, spirit the keener as our strength lessons. –The Battle of Maldon (per Tolkien)

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