Our New Modem (Ulp!)

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Our new modem has arrived. The guy at Verizon said it’d solve our problems–no more losing our connection to the Internet.

It came with several pages of instructions and warnings and, for all I know, prophecies, all in a typeface that makes legal notices look like screaming headlines.

The last time we got a modem, all we had to do was plug it in. Well, that’s changed.

We’re going to have to get a professional to install this for us. I mean, we just can’t make head nor tail of it. What happens if you put the wrong cable into the wrong outlet? We don’t want to go blundering into The Last Days of Pompeii, do we?

Life keeps getting more and more complicated.

8 comments on “Our New Modem (Ulp!)

  1. Can’t you see how the old modem was set up? Or did you have to turn in the old one to get the new one? AT&T always sent out someone to help us with our connection issures.

  2. Tell me about it. We just went through a similar process and believe me, all my nerves are still jumping. Part of it, we had help with, but part of it, we had to figure out and complete ourselves. Yeeeessshh. Then in today’s mail, more complications Boy! I am about done. I’m wondering if I even have the strength to make a pot of beef stew for dinner.

  3. Verizon sucks. Then it bought AOL. Now AOL sucks. In my city, there is Comcast too, but there’s still no competition – it’s called price fixing. For decades while big business was forming monopolies under the process the news media called “mergers,” most victims of government public schooling didn’t even know what monopoly meant. They thought it was a game.

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