‘Revenue Enhancement’? Do They Mean ‘Taxes’?

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Let’s see… Huge chunks of the economy have been shut down for most of this year so far, innumerable small businesses have gone extinct, millions of jobs lost, people really hurting… So now it’s time to–raise their taxes???

Here in New Jersey our philosopher-kings are calling it “revenue enhancement,” which sounds so much nicer than “taxing their asses off when they can least afford it.” Don’t be too surprised if your state starts talking “revenue enhancement.”

Are they crazy? Now of all times, the people can’t afford it. Gee, if they totally finish us off, then there’ll be no revenue!

Governed by persons who belong in straitjackets: it’s quite a problem.

4 comments on “‘Revenue Enhancement’? Do They Mean ‘Taxes’?

  1. Coffers and coffins, taxes and COVID. What happened to people who are democrats? Judge Judy said “If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true.” Democrats are so off the wall of reality I can’t help but suspect that the CIA’s MKUltra is still active. So much demonic progress has been made on mind control. Maybe they put something in the water supply of these democratic states because no matter how bizarre their policies, leftists support them. Maybe there’s something in the brain of leftists that are being targeted by these mind control drugs. Maybe this, maybe that. God only knows for sure.

  2. Politicians have long since forgotten where money comes from. They seem to think it just appears magically out of nowhere, always available to be harvested and redistributed — after a sizable rakeoff for themselves.

    1. “The really excellent thing in a general, Themistocles, is for the money not to stick to his fingers.” –Aristides

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