At Least I Saw a Hummingbird

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As we sit here waiting for the Verizon repair service to call back (40 minutes late by now), I went outside to write a bit and saw something that I’d never seen before, not ever–

A hummingbird!

I thought it was a butterfly at first, until I got a better look at it. Wow. First time in my life I’d ever seen one, flitting around our neighbor’s monarda.

And now I have to leave in case the phone rings.

Hummingbird: God is nigh.

5 comments on “At Least I Saw a Hummingbird

  1. That is great. They are such fascinating little critters. They do the most amazing things.

  2. The hummingbirds are finally back and enjoying our feeders outside our kitchen window. Their thin wings beat so fast you can hardly see them. And when they are finished feeding they take off like a speeding bullet.

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