At Least I Saw a Hummingbird

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As we sit here waiting for the Verizon repair service to call back (40 minutes late by now), I went outside to write a bit and saw something that I’d never seen before, not ever–

A hummingbird!

I thought it was a butterfly at first, until I got a better look at it. Wow. First time in my life I’d ever seen one, flitting around our neighbor’s monarda.

And now I have to leave in case the phone rings.

Hummingbird: God is nigh.

Birds No Bigger than Bugs

Baby Hummingbirds: Tiny and Cute | Baby Animal Zoo

I’ve never in my life seen a real, live hummingbird–let alone a baby hummingbird. Look how tiny it is!

It’s a beautiful spring day today, sunny and cool. As I sat outside with my cigar, leafing through The Golden Treasury of Natural History, it occurred to me that I had no idea what a baby hummingbird would look like. I soon found plenty of pictures on the Internet.

As Samuel F. B. Morse once said, “What hath God wrought!” No one has ever seen it all; a lifetime of study wouldn’t suffice.

We have more than a lifetime’s worth of Creation to enjoy.