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The Marx Toys Sphenacodon. Welcome to the Permian Period. Which is were my Internet seems to be hiding out today.

I want to put up posts, but with my internet access so iffy today, I’m lucky to get away with another paragraph before it conks out on me again. Nothing much to do, really, except sit outside and work on my new book. Longhand, on a legal pad. That usually works.

I wanted to cover a story about Hollywood producers conferring with Chinese Communist Party officials about how to craft their movies so that the Party will approve of them. Is that disgusting, or what? They’re literally letting communists micromanage their productions.

There are a lot of people in this country selling us out to China. For money. And because hey, they’re all commies anyway.

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  1. Nothing new about foreign Communists monitoring, editing, and even writing American screenplays. The Soviet Union used to do it all the time, especially in the 1930s through the 1950s.

    1. Then there’s the National Basketball Assn., kissing China’s tuchas. First they sell out Hong Kong, then they sell out America. I cannot summon up enough charity to let them off with the adjective “despicable.”

  2. With Asian students being at the top of academic excellence in America, maybe the Asians are just smarter than us? But then again, they did steal all of our intelligence via the Nafta fiasco.

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