I Missed You!

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I just want to say this before I go back outside to try to write a little more book before it rains.

I really missed you guys!

If I do say so myself, we have more than just a blog. It’s a fellowship. We pray for each other, amuse each other, bat around ideas together–and I found it hard, not to be able to do those things.

The technician who came here this morning said our system is working just fine, there’s nothing wrong with it, no reason for it not to keep on functioning as it should. Then again, he couldn’t find any reason why it stopped functioning for two weeks, getting a bit worse every day and totally kicking the bucket early Wednesday morning. He searched, but couldn’t find. I don’t hold it against.

Anyway, O friends and readers, I really missed your company.

9 comments on “I Missed You!

  1. The feeling is mutual, and I must say, if things hadn’t been so distressing here in my own little world, it would have gotten to me even worse. My new system still has glitches and as if there were not enough mess in the world, now there is this too. May we both run on smoothly hereafter.

  2. Glad you’re back, Lee! Our Wi-Fi was out on Tuesday so my 16-year-old had to do something other than play games on the computer all day. Ha!

  3. Wonderful picture! And yes, we all missed each other. When I got home from my morning chores today and saw all those post notices from you in my email inbox, I was thrilled! So happy to have you back.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to the posts right away because of (you’re not going to believe this) a massive slowdown and intermittent freeze of my internet. YARGHHHH! But mine turned out to be only Microsoft sending me a cement mixer full of updates to Windows 10, which seized hold of my system and nearly strangled it for over an hour. The updates finally finished downloading, and we’re restarted, installed, and back to normal now … I hope.

    Ain’t technology grand?

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