Another Noozie Gets It Wrong

News anchor fail: Brian Williams apologizes for lying about his ...

They never tell the truth if they can help it.

Somebody really ought to tell America’s nooze reporters to load their mouths with facts before shooting them off.

Heard this on my car radio the other day, but had no Internet access so I couldn’t write about it.

Some noozie said that if George Floyd had been white instead of black, he’d be alive today.

Tony Timpa, in Dallas, and Timothy Coffman, South Daytona, are white men who are not alive today because police officers did to them exactly what was done to George Floyd in Minneapolis–knelt on his neck until it killed him ( Exactly the same thing!

What excuse did the, er, “journalist” have for not knowing this? Some might chalk it up to simple ignorance; I call it a reckless disregard of the truth.

But noozies don’t do truth anymore. The truth is not in them. Only “narrative”–a synonym for a story that isn’t true at all but gets told to achieve a political purpose. All they’ve got for us is narrative; and none of it is true.

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