Thanks, Everybody

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Before my internet conks out again, I want to thank all of you who stuck with us yesterday and today. And a special thanks to Jill at Chalcedon headquarters, for putting up those two posts for me yesterday when I had no internet access at all.

July 2020, at least as far as this poor blog is concerned, is a heaping mass of rubble. I can only pray the Lord will help me dig out from it.

8 comments on “Thanks, Everybody

  1. The Lord will never leave us or forsake us. Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to us. He can get us through some of the most frustrating things.

  2. You could always donate the heap of rubble to the local Modern Art Museum as a commentary on … whatever. 🙂

    1. Oh, but I forgot … those museums no longer accept artwork from white artists. (I note that you have a post on that today.)

  3. Fingers crossed that all is now well with your internet connection. I may not post much – but I do read all your posts 🙂

    Take care and stay safe

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