More Cultural Vandalism

Top Famous Paintings in Art History Of All Time Ranked

Forbidden! Don’t they know a painting like this is… Systemic Racism?

A San Francisco art museum curator has been hounded out of his job for saying he would continue to buy art produced by white men (

And now art museums all over the country are scrambling to hire “curators of color” before Only BLM comes for their scalps, too.

Obviously the only solution to the problem is to impose a strict racial quota system on the art museums and beat anyone senseless who dares to question it.

This inane garbage has to stop before we have nothing left worth saving.


One comment on “More Cultural Vandalism”

  1. This would probably be a good time to buy up all the discarded and rejected statues, paintings, and other artwork. Then, when the infectious insanity finally subsides, you could start your own museum or resell the art at a much higher price than you paid for it. In fact, you could probably start making money right away by charging cities and museums to haul away the rejects.

    I’m assuming, of course, that you survive the onslaught of the infectious insanity mobs yourself.

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