Progress, Maybe?

Well, I’ve posted Joe Collidge’s timeless essay, and supposedly Verizon is working on fixing the outage at their central office–and I’ve loaded a cat video for this evening.

We’re still getting bounced out of internet access, again and again; but now the bounce-outs seem to be getting much shorter. Maybe by tomorrow it’ll all be back to normal. As in “We’ve got ’em now, boys!” said General Custer.

Thanks to all of you who’ve stuck with us throughout this time of intense frustration. And a special thanks to Jill at Chalcedon HQ for posting another update yesterday.

One comment on “Progress, Maybe?”

  1. Maybe we should go back to smoke signals instead of the internet. Oh, but I forgot — the prevailing winds would blow your smoke signals out to sea instead of toward those of us living west of New Jersey. Oh well.

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