Dogs & Kittens

I can’t help but marvel at how gentle and patient these dogs are with the little tiny kittens. Well, there’s a bulldog who’s enjoying a kitten-sicle, but he means well. And dig the dog helping the kitten play with the string. I never saw a dog play with a string before. It was kind of like seeing a turtle do it.

3 comments on “Dogs & Kittens

  1. Amazing, isn’t it, when you know how disastrous this could be.
    I just found a song I don’t remember ever hearing, but it is beautiful. Gordon Macrae singing I Asked The Lord. Maybe others would enjoy it too. His voice is really great.

  2. I admire the chutzpah of these little kittens. Most of them are not even slightly worried about a dog that it 20x their size. The string was surprising.

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