Smithsonian on ‘Whiteness’

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It’s all garbage

The morons at the Smithsonian, having been firmly rebuked by public opinion, have removed their “Whiteness” “portal” that proclaimed that rational thought, hard work, and intact families were aspects of “white culture” (

I guess that means that, left to their own devices, un-influenced by “white culture,” Persons of Color (POCs) just naturally gravitate to irrational thought, laziness, and fatherless messed-up not-quite families. Isn’t that what liberals are saying? 

Gee, those characteristics would make them an ideal client class for rich white Democrats to use and manipulate.

BTW, I’m not sure what they mean by a “portal.” In science fiction a “portal” is the door by which you get to a parallel universe where everything’s fakacka.

Go through the Smithsonian’s portal and you’ll be in a parallel universe, all right.

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  1. David Duke couldn’t have presented a better case for the inferiority of nonwhites.

    However, I have to say that objections to the Smithsonian’s list — including the one I just gave — tend to be circular arguments. In other words, we’re saying that the “whiteness” attributes and attitudes are in fact superior and not having them is inferior, while the Smithsonian’s argument seems to be that these attitudes AREN’T superior. So the case needs to be made on some other grounds that the Smithsonian is wrong to consider different attitudes superior, or at least equal in value, to the ones they consider “white.” We could start with the effect that various attitudes have had on their societies. Do some attitudes result in general prosperity, artistic endeavors, helping institutions, better health and greater longevity, and so on, while others result in general poverty, disease, and so on. But then again, if the Smithsonian thinks that poverty, disease, and artistic and intellectual developments are bad things, we’re back to the circular argument again. So I suppose we need to start by asking what goals and results they consider good ones and reason backward from there — except that they consider reasoning to be white (and thus inferior) too.

  2. And while I was typing that, I started hearing rhythmic shouting in the street, and sure enough, here came an antifa “protest” down the street, going westbound on an eastbound one-way street, filling up this major downtown street side-to-side (five lanes) but not very deep (maybe 100-200 people), flying an Antifa flag and carrying banners saying “Smash the Fash” and “No nazis welcome here,” among other things. (Funny, I don’t remember meeting any Nazis around here lately.) Behind their little parade — and it was quite orderly and in cadence for self-styled anarchists — came a van obviously carrying refreshments and demonstration supplies, as well as a vehicle towing a small trailer with “STOP THE KILLING” painted on its side.

    I have no idea what they were protesting. They probably don’t know, either.

    And yes, most of them were white, most of them were maskless, and all of them were shoulder-to-shoulder with no social distancing. They will no doubt be applauded for their “protest,” whatever it was. Meanwhile, the rest of us are forbidden to enter public places without masks and must keep six feet of distancing from each other. I think next time I go to a store, I’ll leave the mask off and just shout woke slogans as I shop.

    Oh well, at least they didn’t break or burn anything on this trip — or maybe they did, but not in this stretch of their “protest,” whatever it was about.

  3. ‘If those attributes are only “white” things, that implies that black Americans must be lazy, irrational & dependent. It implies they have no regard for family, property rights or Christian morals. I’d like to know who donated how much to the Smithsonian to get them to put themselves so far behind the 8 ball?

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