Why Do We Have to Pay for Evil, Stupid Public Schools?

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Once upon a time, schools were owned by the communities whose members paid for them. Somehow that went away. Now the schools are owned by Far Left fanatics who hate the rest of us–but we still have to pay: all the responsibilities of ownership, but none of the privileges.

East Side Community School, in New York City, has abused children and parents by sending out to “white” parents a kind of DIY Self-Hatred Kit to “convert themselves from white supremacists to white abolitionists” with the help of a handy-dandy “list of white identities” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/pure-racism-new-york-city-principal-sends-home-white-identities-list-parents-convert-white-traitors-stage-whiteness/). The long-term objective, explains the principal, is “dismantling whiteness and not allowing whiteness to reassert itself.”

As usual, it’s the liberals who are the most virulent racists of them all. You’d almost suspect they were trying to recruit for what is a largely imaginary “white supremacy” movement. Trying to get people to hate each other. Because then the Left can manipulate and rule them. Especially with schools and colleges filling their skulls with racist mush.

Gee, what would happen if a school principal sent such a hate-filled message to black kids’ parents? Think he’d keep his job for another half an hour?

To white people, to black people–we can get along! We can be friends, we can be good neighbors. We’ve all seen it done! It’s just that the Democrat Party race hustlers don’t want us doing it, and are trying to keep us from living in friendly peace with one another.

But we can still do it if we try. We have to ignore the race hustlers, reject them, spit on their shoes.

And while we’re at it, we need to correct the towering injustice of making us pay for schools whose teachers and theorists and administrators all hate us and want to trash our county, turning our children against us. It’s intolerable, that we should have to pay for this! That we should have no say in who teaches at our schools, and what is taught. Those ought to be things for us, the owners, to decide!

Please, please, please! Pull your children out of public school. The system is way too far gone to be reformed. It must collapse, and be replaced by something  better. Meanwhile there’s Christian school and home school: those are something  better.

Don’t let Far Left race hustlers teach your children to hate each other.

Dueling Dunderheads

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There’s a Facebook feud among the dwollops at The New York Times. We are supposed to trust these people to deliver “the news.”

So–did the big-deal veteran science “reporter” deserve to be pushed out of his job after he–oh, forsooth, it’s just so awful!–spoke the forbidden n-word? (https://freebeacon.com/issues/inside-the-grey-ladys-meltdown-over-donald-mcneils-resignation/) Two years ago, we hasten to add.

It seems the revered journalist was chaperoning some high school kids on a visit to Peru–

Wait! Hold it! They had a class trip to freakin’ Peru? [Shakes head in stunned disbelief.] Words fail me.

Anyhow, the story goes, the writer “responded to a question from a student about whether one of her classmates should have been suspended for using the n-word. In the process, he uttered the offending syllable himself.”

We are not told what anybody actually said. He might have said “Don’t say ******, it’s not a nice word.” For which, it seems, he was not exactly fired, but certainly “pushed out” of his job.

As the executive editor said, “We do not tolerate racist language regardless of intent.” That doesn’t go for rap song lyrics, of course.

This from the paper that hired Sarah Jeong onto its editorial board in 2018, despite several years’ worth of venom-spitting anti-white tweets and comments. Lots and lots of people objected to it, but the Times hung onto her for a full year… until, in 2019, she made an unfortunate remark about maybe people ought to un-subscribe to the Times. And then she… “left.”

Leftids are obsessed by race. It’s just one of many things that makes them so obnoxious.




‘You Just Can’t Get Racism Out of the Democrat Party’ (2017)

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No matter how far left they go, Democrats can’t shed their obsession with race. You’d think they believe racial strife is a good thing and that they ought to foment more of it.

You Just Can’t Get Racism Out of the Democrat Party

First they defended slavery, then they opposed Reconstruction, then they imposed segregation and Jim Crow–yes, that’s the Democrats’ record–and now they say they want to “shut down white people.” Is there anyone they don’t hate? Anyone they don’t want to shut down?

I refuse to believe the American people actually elected these swine who hate our country.

‘Your Ticket to Ride’ (2017)

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Tired of having to earn your way to the top, and maybe never getting there?

DNA ‘R’ Us to the rescue!

Your Ticket to Ride

We will guarantee to find an Oppressed Minority somewhere in your family tree, or your money back! Does everybody hate you ’cause you’re white? That all comes to a dead stop when you flash ’em the papers that prove you’re a Parthian or something.

Don’t be held back by racism! Be boosted by it!

College: Shut It Down

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When it’s too late to get your tuition money back…

Does anything good get done at any university? Not that I’ve heard of.

Meanwhile, the University of Minnesota offers a two-hour lecture, with academic credit, on “Recovery from Whitness” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/university-of-minnesota-lecture-features-12-step-recovery-program-for-whiteness/). ‘Cause, see, bein’ white is bad-bad-bad!

This crock features “a 12-step program,” a la Alcoholics Anonymous, “that helps people recover from their whiteness.”

Why are people sending their children to this place–and paying through the nose to do it? Why is there government funding for it? Why are we paying these moral imbeciles to addle young people’s minds and wack out our country? How is it that none of this–not a word of it–is not considered hate speech? Can you imagine the reaction, if they had something called “recovery from blackness”? The solar system couldn’t contain the outrage.

As a nation we must have a damned big screw loose, to allow this.

Yo, college! You want to recover from Whiteness? Let’s see how you do without white people’s money!

And non-whites, be patient: when they’ve finished with white people, they’ll turn on you. And when they’ve finally eaten everybody, they’ll eat themselves.

That’s Satan’s plan, at least.

Smithsonian on ‘Whiteness’

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It’s all garbage

The morons at the Smithsonian, having been firmly rebuked by public opinion, have removed their “Whiteness” “portal” that proclaimed that rational thought, hard work, and intact families were aspects of “white culture” (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jul/17/smithsonian-african-american-museum-remove-whitene/).

I guess that means that, left to their own devices, un-influenced by “white culture,” Persons of Color (POCs) just naturally gravitate to irrational thought, laziness, and fatherless messed-up not-quite families. Isn’t that what liberals are saying? 

Gee, those characteristics would make them an ideal client class for rich white Democrats to use and manipulate.

BTW, I’m not sure what they mean by a “portal.” In science fiction a “portal” is the door by which you get to a parallel universe where everything’s fakacka.

Go through the Smithsonian’s portal and you’ll be in a parallel universe, all right.

White-Baiting ‘College’ on the Skids

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What do you suppose they major in?

In 2017 Evergreen State College, in Washington, held a “Day of Absence” in which white people were told they could not be on the campus that day. A white professor who showed up to teach his class was threatened by leftist goons with baseball bats.

Can you imagine the uproar if they’d said, “No black people allowed on campus today”?

Amazingly, some parents actually got the idea that this wasn’t such a great place to send their sons and daughters, after all. Since then, Evergreen’s annual student enrollment has been steadily going down, down, down (https://www.thecollegefix.com/as-evergreen-states-enrollment-continues-to-tank-it-hosts-white-blaming-equity-symposium/).

Instead of the usual thousand or so, this year’s freshman enrollment at Evergreen is only 260. Overall enrollment is down some 40 percent.

But did they learn their lesson? Uh-uh. This month, they held an “Evergreen Equity Symposium” replete with a plethora of “workshops” denouncing white people as the culprits for, well, everything that’s bad. Can you say “unwelcoming environment”? And of course “equity” is one of those words that doesn’t mean what you or the dictionary think it means, when leftids use it.

Hopefully this college will soon sink out of sight, and be followed by others. Let it truly be said, “So perish all who do the same.”

P.S.–Purposely sowing strife among people who would otherwise be at peace with one another is a sin.

‘Black Press Only’

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Imagine a public meeting to discuss the upcoming mayoral election in a major city–a meeting open to “white press only,” white as in caucasian, no blacks allowed.

Can you even imagine the growling and howling and gnashing of teeth? Oh, man! End o’ the world!

But this is exactly what they did, a few days ago, in Savannah, Georgia (https://www.onlineathens.com/nationworld/20190328/only-black-reporters-allowed-in-georgia-mayoral-race-event). The sign on the door said “Black press only,” and no white reporters were allowed inside to cover the meeting.

The current mayor and several other city officials attended this blacks-only-all-other-races-keep-out-this-means-you event. Hmm… If a white mayor attended a whites-only event, think the whole nooze media would be after his scalp?  There’d be leftids rolling on the sidewalk, screaming.

Go ahead–explain why these jerks in Savannah aren’t racists. I triple-dog dare you.

‘”White Privilege Worship”: College Idiocy DeLuxe’ (2016)

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So… The big guns at the social media say you can’t write or say or post anything “hateful”–unless, of course, you’re offering a collidge-credit “workshop” on how white people are the spawn of the devil, etc.

‘White Privilege Workshop’–College Idiocy De Luxe

College was a waste of time and money as far back as the 1960s. Uh, especially the 1960s. I remember sitting there in the Rutgers gym as Yippie Judy Gumbo–she used to be famous; she isn’t anymore–waxed all teary-eyed describing Ho Chi Minh’s Hallmark Hall of Fame deathbed scene. Truly sickening.

If America doesn’t shut down her colleges and universities, they’ll shut down America.

Nearing the Bottom of the Barrel…

Democrats and other leftids are persons of infinite resource when it comes to stooping low. Here’s one of their ads, 100% pure race-baiting, for the Virginia gubernatorial election. If you don’t have a barf bag handy, go and get one.

Note the evil white guy with the pickup truck and the Confederate flag–did they borrow him from old Easy Rider out-takes?–chasing and terrorizing the poor innocent Cherished Minority children… Crikey, it’s always “the children.” You oppose one of our policies, you must want to hurt “the children.” Try and guess how many times you’ve heard that from these people. The Big Bad Evil White Guy even scares the poor little Moslem girl–who wears the hijab/headscarf/whatever to bed. To bed? Well, Democrats want to make sure all the minorities know who butters their bread.

Note there are apparently no white Democrat voters. Well, the ad is allegedly paid for by the Latino Victory Fund. I wonder how badly we need Latino victories in our country. I don’t think white people are part of the Democrat equation anymore. Once they set up Virginia as an unlawful Sanctuary State, there’ll be plenty of violent criminals from MS13 to keep it that way.